Johnny Vincent at 15

John Vincent started dee-jaying at the age of 15 at the Esquire Club in Sheffield. Forty years later John is still spinning black music vinyl; having started with rhythm and blues recordings he has encompassed all the various forms of black music playing solid Northern Soul from 1970 onwards.

JV meets Jimmy Saville

Opening his own soul night in 1970 at the now legendary club Samantha’s in Sheffield, John progressed the venue to such an extent that weekly all-nighters were held from 1974.

The venue accomplished much and today is still revered by many in their top ten all time venues.

At the same time John was also at the forefront of Wigan Casino from 1974-76, he steadily developed his own spot by playing a different set of sounds to other jocks, consequently he was responsible for many major monster sounds on the Northern scene. Working back to back all-nighters every weekend at Sheffield and Wigan he was the driving force behind sounds such as Lou Pride, Yum Yums, Pointer Sisters, “The Champion”, Ivories and dozens more of the same ilk.

My first allnighter at the age of 15!

John worked all the major venues over a period of 15 years, from Samantha’s to Wigan, Cleethorpes Pier/Winter Gardens, St Ives AN, Peterborough AN, Morecambe Pier AN and the first Stafford AN. John, possibly the only full-time NS jock at the time was also one of the select group of jocks that formed the Northern Soul Road Show which toured the country for many years and consequently he managed to spin northern vinyl in all the major towns of the UK.

From Dundee to Carlisle, from Newbury to Torquay the guy has spun it and declared his dedication to a lifetime of vinyl.

John Anderson, dealer extraordinaire, once said to John, “once a vinyl junkie, always a vinyl junkie.”

Although having disappeared from the scene for nearly sixteen years, John reappeared on the eve of the Millennium and played to many packed clubs on a come-back mini tour.

Today, John drives his own residency at the Polish club in Sheffield and is still enthusiastically committed to the scene, still insisting that all the old values of original vinyl only are still applied.


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